Conceived as a dynamic and constantly expanding space, MVIM is dedicated to preserving the memory of musical instruments, fundamental sources for understanding the History of Music.

In a 21st century environment, aimed at a wide audience, the instruments and their surroundings are presented in specific sections.

Have fun…

The MVIM catalog features musical instruments from the Museu Delgado de Carvalho [Delgado de Carvalho Museum] and, soon, those from the Museu Villa-Lobos [Villa-Lobos Museum] and the Instituto Moreira Salles [Moreira Salles Institute]. In the Instruments menu, it is possible to search the entire collection, in a category – aerophones, chordophones, idiophones or membranophones – or even to perform a refined search using advanced search filters. The items in the collection are presented through detailed information, including photos, audios and videos.

In that year of 2020, the MVIM grew and, in addition to new musical instruments, gained new sections. Check it out:

  • articles – space for longer and academic articles on musical instruments and related topics
  • interviews – conversations with luthiers and instrumentalists
  • videos – classes and information prepared by luthiers and instrumentalists
  • news – a space in permanent renovation, with opinions and curiosities