Tiago Calderano and Villa-Lobos's percussion instruments
22.set 2021

Tiago Calderano talks with Ana Cristina Valentino and Adriana Ballesté about the percussion instruments used by Heitor Villa-Lobos in his compositions and which are no longer easily found. Calderano is building the instruments that will be part of the virtual collection of the Virtual Museum of Musical Instruments – MVIM and will be donated to the Villa-Lobos Museum.

We thank Marcia Ladeira, Álea de Almeida and the entire team at the Villa-Lobos Museum for their fundamental collaboration in the research.

Tiago Calderano holds a Master’s in Music from the Escola Superior de Música de Colônia (Germany) and is a percussionist at the UFRJ Symphony Orchestra. He works with both Symphonic Music and Popular Music. Thanks to the carpentry teachings inherited by his father and the curiosity in the world of Luthieria, he develops projects for percussion instruments from a very early age, both restoring and building.



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