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The instruments featured in these videos / audios are not museum items, but similar ones. The visual resources used in the materials are not for profit. The visual resource is used as a way to illustrate the use of a musical instrument with an educational purpose.

Instrument: Kena and guitar
Work: Charagua
Composer: Víctor Jara
Performer: Christian Ley Monar
Source: Audio originally published on the YouTube channel vientosdemitierra with the title “CHARAGUA (Víctor Jara) – Christian Ley Monar”.


Instrument: Kena
Work: Not determined
Composer: Not determined
Performer: Leonardo Garcia
Source: Video originally published on the Leonardo Garcia YouTube channel with the title “Quena solo. Leonardo Garcia – ‘Horo-escapade’”.

Instruments: Kena and guitar
Work: Indian
Composer: Alicia Maguiña
Interpreters: Sigi Velásquez (kena), Lucho González (guitar)
Source: Video originally published on the Youtube channel Quenuto channel with the title “Quena – Sigi Velásquez / Guitar – Lucho González / Popurri de Música Criolla del Peru”.

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