The Guitar in the city of Rio de Janeiro
17.ago 2020

In the 1920s, it used to be said that the guitar was the “amplifier of the Brazilian soul”. Almost a century later, this metaphor remains true. In this video, we present a very specific view of the trajectory of the guitar in Brazilian society. We went back in time to trace the ancestors of our guitars and landed in the 1950s … The development of this historic itinerary took place in a privileged setting: the city of Rio de Janeiro. The great guitarists are, of course, here, as well as the art they produced – the songs and the different instrumental genres of our music.

Video made with support from FAPERJ, through the RIO 450 anos project.


Marcia Taborda, PhD
Escola de Música da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.
School of Music. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
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