Sheila Zagury & Friends
25.set 2021


  • “A História de Lily Braun” by Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque with Sheila Zagury (piano) and Marianna Leporace (Voice)
  • “Midnight” by Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque with Ivan Azevedo (voice) & Sheila Zagury (piano)
  • “Modinha Final” by Sérgio Bittencourt with Daniela Spielmann (Sax), Sheila Zagury (piano) and Soraia Ravenle (voice)
  • “Maria de Buenos Aires” by Astor Piazzolla with Harmonitango – José Staneck (harmonica), Ricardo Santoro (cello), Sheila Zagury (piano)


Sheila Zagury:

A pianist with an eclectic background, with a background in classical music and jazz, she has performed with several renowned artists and groups such as Eduardo Dussek, Angela Rorô, Rio Jazz Orchestra, UFRJazz, Neti Szpilman, José Staneck, Daniela Spielmann and Marianna Leporace, and in numerous theater shows and concerts throughout Brazil and abroad. She is a professor at the UFRJ School of Music, working both at undergraduate and graduate levels, and her research focuses on MPB, especially Choro.