MVIM Concerts
15.set 2021

The idea of creating the space ‘CONCERTOS MVIM’ [MVIM Concerts], on the website of the Virtual Museum of Musical Instruments, emerged as an alternative to face-to-face actions that we planned and could not carry out during the pandemic.

We are happy to have gathered, in this first round of MVIM CONCERTS, excellent musicians who recorded videos with cell phones and equipment they had at their disposal during this period when we had to reinvent our activities and when we stayed away from our friends and partners.

Some videos were recorded especially for the MVIM CONCERTS, others were produced on different occasions and kindly provided for exhibition on our museum’s website. There are very creative videos, like the one by Staneck, made on the stairs of the building – taking advantage of the reverb –, filmed and edited by his daughter Sofia. Some have colorful and vibrant scenarios, others are from the time of confinement, recorded during video calls, with several people occupying squares on the screen.

The CONCERTS program is full of beautiful music played brilliantly by a special selection of great musicians… It has voice, piano, guitar, cello, harmonica, guitar… Enjoy this event with us!


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