José Staneck & amigos
23.set 2021


  1. “Samambaia” by César Camargo Mariano – José Staneck (harmonica) & Lula Washington (guitar)
  2. “Prelude Suite No. 1 for cello in G major” by J.S. Bach – José Staneck (harmonica)
  3. “Guarda do Farol” (Sonata for harmonica and guitar) by Nestor de Hollanda Cavalcanti (1949) – José Staneck (harmonica) & Francisco Luz (guitar)

Musician, concert artist, Master’s in Music, producer and editor, José Staneck makes his harmonica an instrument of transformation. Called “David Oïstrakh on harmonica” by French critic Olivier Bellamy and compared to musicians Andrés Segovia and Mstislav Rostropovich for their role in promoting the instrument by critic Luiz Paulo Horta, he develops his own style where elements of both concert and Brazilian music and jazz merge into a striking sound. He studied harmony with Isidoro Kutno, analysis with H. J. Koeullreutter and interpretation with Nailson Simões. In 2007, he obtained the title of Master by UNIRIO. He works with different chamber music formations and has been a soloist in several Brazilian and international symphony orchestras.