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The instruments featured in these videos / audios are not museum items, but similar ones. The visual resources used in the materials are not for profit. The visual resource is used as a way to illustrate the use of a musical instrument with an educational purpose.

Instrument: Violin
Work: Sarabande
Composer: J. S. Bach
Interpret: Hilary Hahn
Source: Audio originally posted by Youtube Channel Grandes Músicos, titled “Hilary Hahn – Bach Sarabande (HD)”.


Instruments: Violin and piano
Work: Liebesleid
Composer: Fritz Kreisler
Interpreters: Sean Avram Carpenter (violin), Gabriela Martinez (piano)
Source: Video originally published by THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (, titled ” ‘The Francesca’ Violin, Antonio Stradivari (ca. 1644–1737), Cremona, 1694. Ex. 2″. Production: Digital Media Department, THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART. Original links:> and <

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