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The instruments featured in these videos / audios are not museum items, but similar ones. The visual resources used in the materials are not for profit. The visual resource is used as a way to illustrate the use of a musical instrument with an educational purpose.

Instrument: Oboe
Source: Demonstrative audio of a copy of the University of Edinburgh, available on the MIMO website (2014).


Instruments: Oboe, flute and piano
Work: Trio. Second movement.
Composer: Madeleine Dring
Performer: Hollie Macdonald (flute), Sam Baxter (oboe), Zi Wang (piano)
Source: Video originally published on the Hollie Macdonald YouTube channel with the title “Trio, Madeleine Dring for Flute, Oboe and Piano”.

Instrumental formation: Oboe and orchestra
Work: Concert for oboe and orchestra in C major K314. First move.
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performer: Nicholas Daniel (oboe) and BBC Symphony Orchestra / Bělohlávek
Source: Video originally published on the Youtube channel Nicholas Daniel with the title “Mozart Oboe Concerto Allegro Aperto Nicholas Daniel Bělohlávek BBC Symphony”.

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