Evette & Schaeffer

Production start date: January 1885

Production end date: 1929

French wind instruments factory. Paul Evette and Ernest Schaeffer founded the firm in 1885 after purchasing Buffet Crampon, another brand of the same type of instruments. In 1896, Evette & Schaeffer began producing instruments of the brass family; until then, Buffet Crampon only produced instruments from the wood family. Evette & Schaeffer was also a sheet music editor and that same year more than 2000 were published.

The Evette & Schaeffer partnership ended in 1826 and Evette’s son Maurice ran the business until 1929 when Buffet Crampon was again sold and the firm Evette & Schaeffer ceased to exist. In the 1970s, Buffet Crampon produced cheaper saxophones and clarinets under the “Evette” name, and retook the Evette & Schaeffer brand with a line of Japanese flutes aimed at students.

Additional names: Buffet-Crampon & Cie



Buffet Crampon website: <http://www.buffet-crampon.com/en/saga/our-history>.