Have you seen these amusing musical instruments?
17.jul 2020

When we think of musical instruments, wood violins and cellos, metal flutes and trumpets immediately come to our minds. But there are musical instruments made of various materials with different shapes and colors. These instruments are not a contemporary invention. See some examples of antique musical instruments that were already very different.

Contrabaixo acústico de metal

Acoustic metal bass





Clarinetes e saxofones feitos de tubo de PVC

Clarinets and saxophones made of PVC pipe


Chocalho feito com coador de café e tampinhas de garrafa PET (Reciclagem Cultural-Rio das Ostras)

Rattle made with coffee strainer and PET bottle caps (Reciclagem Cultural-Rio das Ostras)


Cravo Taskin de 1782, exemplar do Museu da Música de Portugal

Taskin harpsichord, 1782, copy of the Music Museum of Portugal


Detalhe da pintura do Cravo Taskin

Taskin harpsicord painting detail



Aquarium Guitar


Violino pintado pela artista Julie Borden

Violin painted by Julie Borden


The violin above is a decorative object as it was not made to be played. Another example of a decorative musical instrument is this aquarium guitar. See how unusual it is:

Violino do início do século XVIII feito de cerâmica, item do acervo do RIJKSMUSEUM de Amsterdam

Early 18th century violin made of ceramics, item in the RIJKSMUSEUM Amsterdam collection


In short, musical instruments can be amazing!



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