Restoration of the instruments of the Delgado de Carvalho Museum
15.set 2020
Adriana Ballesté & Álea de Almeida

This article was conceived from interviews with the luthiers responsible for the restoration of the selected instruments. We show the process of restoration of the collection, focusing especially on five instruments: two flutes, a bassoon and two mandolins. The  following teachers from UFRJ participated in the process: Aloysio Fagerlande (bassoon); Paulo Sá (mandolin); Eduardo Monteiro (flute) and Afonso de Oliveira (flute).

Keywords: Museum of musical instruments. Musical Instruments. Mandolin. Flute. Bassoon.

Published in: BALLESTE, Adriana Olinto; ALMEIDA, Alea. The restoration of musical instruments at the Delgado de Carvalho Instrumental Museum In: Symposium on Interpretative Practices UFRJ / UFBA, 2014, 2014, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings of the 1st Symposium on Interpretive Practices. Rio de Janeiro: UFRJ / UFBA, 2014. p.211 – 218 .

[In portuguese]