Conceived as a dynamic and constantly expanding space, MVIM is dedicated to preserving the memory of musical instruments, fundamental sources for understanding the History of Music.

In a 21st century environment, aimed at a wide audience, the instruments and their surroundings are presented in specific sections.

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The act of classifying is inherent to human knowledge. As the social and cultural structures of a group become more complex, so do the classifications and cataloging of the world around them in an attempt to bring order out of chaos. The purpose of this article is to show a short path of these classifications of musical instruments that somehow led to the formation, in the 19th century, of Organology.

Happy to have gathered, in this first round of MVIM CONCERTS, excellent musicians who recorded videos with cell phones and equipment that they had at their disposal in their homes, during this period when we had to reinvent our activities and when we stayed away from our friends and partners.

Check this out:

Às Terças

Deborah Levy

Gabriel Ballesté

Homero Velho & Priscila Bomfim

José Staneck & amigos

Maria Haro

Sheila Zagury & Amigos 


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