MVIM expands its horizons
08.jul 2021


We are starting a new partnership with the Museum Geelvinck which has a special focus on its historic collection of Early pianos, manufactured in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Museum Geelvinck is a museum of musical instruments with the concept of “network museum”, meaning that it operates in multiple locations. It is headquartered in Huize Kolthoorn, a beautiful country house dating back to 1880, located in Heerde, The Netherlands, but expanding to locations around the world where visitors can view and experience its collections according to context of the place around it, enabling the construction of new relationships and new paths between the past and the present.

The museum is always looking for partnerships through its exhibitions, programs and collections, offering them as shared heritage to other spaces, educational institutions and organizations around the world.


Rosenberger piano, Geelvinck collection.


Huize Kolthoorn, Museum Geelvinck Headquarters in Heerde, Netherlands.


Geelvinck = Goldfinch


Discover the Museum Geelvinck:



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